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Marder Vehicles

Rheinmetall AG to Supply 40 Marder Vehicles to Ukraine

In a significant move, the German defense conglomerate Rheinmetall AG has been tasked by the German government to deliver an additional 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. This latest development underscores Germany’s commitment to supporting Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

Expanding Ukraine’s Armor Fleet

The decision to supply Ukraine with 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles was made in August 2023 and represents a substantial order valued at a two-digit million-euro amount. Rheinmetall is diligently working on refurbishing existing Marder vehicles to ensure the timely delivery of this new batch of vehicles starting from 2023.

This procurement will bring the total number of Marder infantry fighting vehicles supplied to Ukraine by Rheinmetall to 80.

Rapid Refurbishment Process

It is noteworthy that the first 20 Marder infantry fighting vehicles ordered by the German government for Ukraine were already launched on March 21, 2023. Additionally, in June 2023, an order for an additional 20 vehicles was placed and recently fulfilled.

These infantry fighting vehicles are meticulously refurbished Marder 1A3 vehicles, which were formerly in service with the Bundeswehr, the German Armed Forces. Rheinmetall commenced the refurbishment process in the spring of 2022, using its own resources to ensure that these vehicles are ready for immediate deployment.

Production Sites and Capacity

Currently, the Marder infantry fighting vehicles are being produced at Rheinmetall’s facilities in Unterlüß and Kassel. Up to ten of these vehicles can be supplied each month, reflecting the efficient production capabilities of Rheinmetall.

The Marder infantry fighting vehicle is considered one of the world’s most reliable armored systems of its kind, with a well-established track record in various armed forces around the globe.

This ongoing partnership between Germany and Ukraine underscores the commitment to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities, providing the country with essential equipment to enhance its security and safeguard its sovereignty.