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Uklon Delivery Partners with Meest Post

Uklon Delivery, the delivery service from Uklon, has announced a partnership with the Ukrainian postal and logistics operator Meest Post. The collaboration between the two companies serves as an alternative means of parcel delivery, aiming to optimize and enhance the Meest Post service.

According to information provided by RAU in the company’s press release, the Uklon Delivery service will facilitate the swift delivery of parcels from Meest Post branches and post offices to recipients’ addresses, as well as the reverse – sending parcels from the sender’s address to Meest Post locations. The delivery process will commence from the moment an order is placed and paid for on the Meest Post website or when a delivery order is accepted.

The fast delivery service by Uklon Delivery and Meest Post is currently available within the city limits of Kyiv, with plans for geographical expansion in the future. The weight of an order should not exceed 30 kg, and the maximum dimensions of the goods are set at 80 x 105 x 45.

This partnership aims to provide efficient and convenient parcel delivery solutions to customers within Kyiv, with potential plans to extend the service to a broader geographic area in the future.

“Delivery from Meest Post is a new collaboration model for us, where two logistics companies do not compete but strengthen each other. Our goal is to help relieve one of the largest postal operators in Ukraine and make order delivery even faster and more convenient through the functionality of Uklon Delivery. Users will be able to quickly receive and send their orders directly to Meest Post offices without leaving their homes. Additionally, they can track their orders every minute using the online tracker and, if necessary, initiate returns,” said Alexander Bilousov, Head of Uklon Delivery.