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UIA offers new Pre-ordered Meal options

To pre-order an onboard meal, a passenger should visit the UIA website, click the Pre-ordered Meals link, submit information on the flight date and route, and choose the preferred meal options out of an extensive selection of snacks, hot courses, and sets. In addition to basic menu, passengers are offered Vegetarian, Kosher, Muslim, and Children`s menu. Eventually, UIA plans to enhance the selection of special menus by offering clients Chinese cuisine. Meals are pre-ordered for each passenger individually. Drinks and beverages can be purchased on board during the flight.
iuaPre-ordered Meals should be booked minimum 50 hours prior to scheduled departure. The option is available for Economy Class passengers traveling on most UIA medium-haul flights. Complimentary in-flight meals are still available in Business Class, in Economy and Premium Economy Classes on long-haul flights, as well as in Economy Class on UIA scheduled services to Kazakhstan, Iran, and Jordan.
“UIA aspires to offer passengers the widest possible selection of onboard meals, – noted Evgeniya Satska, UIA Corporate Press Secretary. – To do so, we analyze our clients` preferences, as well as constantly renew and enhance our in-flight menu. We are pleased to provide our passengers with an opportunity to choose their preferred courses a la carte. Simultaneously, we keep upgrading the Pre-ordered Meal option on our website. Eventually, we aim at facilitating the process by narrowing it down to several simple and user-friendly steps”.
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