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Treasures of Ukraine

“Treasures of Ukraine” Became One of the Best Books About Art

The New York Times included the book “Treasures of Ukraine: the cultural heritage of the people” in rating the best art publications.

The book Treasures of Ukraine: A Nation’s Cultural Heritage was published in October 2022 by the London publishing house Thames & Hudson. The price of the book is 25 pounds (about UAH 1130). The publishing house directs the proceeds from the sale to “Ukrainian PEN” to support Ukrainian museums and authors.

The book is available on Amazon

The book will be available in Ukraine in May-June 2023. The translation will be done by ArtHuss publishing house. 

The publication introduces readers to “more than 100 buildings and works of art, from prehistoric times and the Baroque era to a modern bomb shelter, in a country that we finally see as the heart of Europe.

With chapters on Orthodox icons and Catholic cathedrals, Soviet avant-gardeism and ethnic folk crafts, this book illustrates a culture whose very diversity now puts it at risk—and indeed, some of the works are depicted, such as stone statues near Kharkiv, dated 9-13 century, already damaged.