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Transavia offers five additional destinations from Rotterdam The Hague Airport

As of today, Transavia is offering five extra routes from Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Passengers can now also book tickets to Venice, Pisa, Valencia, Pula and Bergerac from Rotterdam The Hague Airport. This brings the total number of destinations that the airline flies from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to 22.

transavia_boeing-737Sixth Boeing 737 in Rotterdam
To provide these flights, Transavia is stationing a sixth Boeing 737 at its Rotterdam home base from April. “We are happy that we can grow from Rotterdam The Hague Airport”, states Erik-Jan Gelink, Head of Commercial at Transavia. “With an extra aircraft, type 737-700, we can serve this region even better than before”.

Bergerac is making its comeback
With the return of Bergerac as a destination, Transavia is responding to the long-held wish of passengers from this region. “We received a great number of requests from customers who wanted to see Bergerac back from Rotterdam The Hague Airport”, says Erik-Jan Gelink. “From April, passengers will be able to fly to and from Bergerac five times a week.”  

Spain and Italy
Valencia is gaining in popularity among both corporate and leisure travellers and so, from April we will be flying there four times a week, on top of the usual flights from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport. With the return of Venice and Pisa, Transavia is now flying to Rotterdam The Hague Airport from three Italian cities. Many Italians already fly to Rotterdam The Hague Airport from Rome. It is a popular destination and we operate flights to Venice and Pisa four times a week.

Eastern Europe on the map
Besides Split, Transavia will also be flying to Pula and Croatia twice a week during the summer peak. “We are seeing increasing demand for Eastern Europe. From the Netherlands, we currently offer three destinations in Croatia (Dubrovnik, Split and Pula) and from this spring we will start flying routes to Serbia, Poland, Slovenia, Albania and Bulgaria from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We are doing this so we can offer the broadest possible network within Europe for all our passengers”, states Gelink.

Eighteen new summer destinations
From this summer, Transavia is adding eighteen new destinations to its network: three from Rotterdam The Hague Airport, one from Eindhoven Airport and fourteen from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Transavia has limited possibilities for growth at the airport, so a number of frequencies are less than we would like. The summer schedule starts on 1 April 2017 and runs until 31 October 2017.

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