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Stuppach Castle

The Stuppach Castle Is on Sale in Austria

An auction is underway in Austria for the historical castle Stuppach Castle that was the last residence of the renowned composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Commonly referred to as “Mozart’s Last Castle,” Schloss Stuppach stands out as one of Lower Austria’s well-loved castles situated at the foot of the Semmering, adjacent to a quaint mountain town. While not officially the residence of the legendary composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this four-story castle holds a significant connection to him.

Stuppach Castle ’s history traces back to 1130, however, it was only in the 16th- and 17th centuries and after being completely redesigned that it got the recognition it deserved. At the time, Schloss Stuppach was used as a high-calibre international business club that hosts plenty of events from literary to musical purposes. It was also one of the main destinations for famous figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Emperor Franz I of Lorraine.

Throughout the 15th and 17th centuries, the castle underwent partial renovations and hosted notable historical figures over the years, including Napoleon Bonaparte, Pope Pius VI, Princess Isabella von Bourbon-Parma, and Emperor Franz Stefan von Lorraine. The castle also holds significance in the history of music, as it is where Mozart completed his renowned “Requiem” in 1792, considered one of the most valuable manuscripts in the world today.