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History of Christmas

History of Christmas Exhibition Opened in Kyiv

The exhibition dedicated to the history of Christmas celebration in Ukraine Opens at the Museum of the History of Kyiv

The Museum of the History of Kyiv has inaugurated the exhibition “Kyiv Christmas Tree from the 19th Century to the Present,” as announced by the press service of the Museum. The exhibition’s display history of Christmas in Ukraine, traces the evolution of Christmas celebration traditions in Ukraine and the transformation of the Christmas tree—from Christmas in the 19th and early 20th centuries to New Year in the 1930s-1990s.

Gradually, it returns to the Christmas theme, as this year Ukraine will celebrate Christmas on December 25 along with the European community. During the Soviet era, propaganda infiltrated every aspect of life, including New Year’s decorations, which became a means of conveying ideological messages. The Bethlehem star atop the Christmas tree was replaced by a five-pointed “Kremlin” star, and instead of angels, cardboard and cotton pioneers and Red Army soldiers adorned the tree.

The ornaments reflected the achievements of the Soviet Union, such as space exploration and the corn campaign. The exhibition features vintage Christmas tree decorations, figures made of cotton and papier-mâché, frame decorations, handmade delicate glass ornaments, garlands, cardboard, and plastic toys. Additionally, visitors can enjoy paintings and graphic works by Ukrainian artists depicting incredible winter views of Kyiv from the collections of the Museum of the History of Kyiv.