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International Women's Day

The Popularity of International Women’s Day Decreased in Ukraine

The popularity of International Women’s Day decreased from 34% to 25% in two years.

Among women, March 8 is slightly more popular (29%) than among men (23%). At the same time, in 2013, this holiday was celebrated as a favorite by approximately half of the population (49%), researchers note.

“While there are more than 10-15% of people who are supporters of this holiday, the initiative to cancel it is inappropriate, and now there are 25% of supporters (and even 29% among women), the social conditions for this have not been created… The number of supporters of this holiday is constantly decreasing in recent years at a fairly fast pace, and in a few years, there will be less than 10% of supporters of this holiday (as is the case with Labor Day on May 1 – 5%). Then it will be natural to cancel this holiday,” KMIS believes.

Instead, the popularity of Ukraine’s Independence Day has grown significantly: before the full-scale war, it was popular among only 37% of the population, and now – among 63%. Defender of Ukraine Day is called popular by 54% of the population (two years ago it was 29%). Constitution Day has also doubled in popularity over the past year (from 14% to 29%).