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Most Popular Holidays in Ukraine

The Most Popular Holidays in Ukraine in 2023

The popularity of the main religious holidays has not changed significantly in the last years, Easter and Christmas continue to occupy the first places.

The biggest changes took place in the attitude towards the Independence Day of Ukraine and the Day of Defenders of Ukraine. Before the full-scale war with Russia, Ukraine’s Independence Day was appreciated by only 37% of the population, and now by 63%, that is, by 26 percentage points more (and in 2013, before the Russian attack on Ukraine, it was one of the least popular holidays in general – only 12% considered it important or favorite).

The Day of Defenders of Ukraine was popular only among 29%, and now among 54%, that is, by 25 percentage points more. This is a relatively new holiday that was started in 2014. Its popularity at the time of its foundation was very low, and even after several years in 2017, it was only 10% (only the attitude to Constitution Day was worse – 5%). Constitution Day has become twice as popular over the past year (from 14% to 29%), which also reflects the growing importance of holidays related to the state.

The most popular holidays in Ukraine in 2023:

Easter 70%
Christmas 69%
Independence Day of Ukraine 63%
Day of Defenders of Ukraine 54%
New Year 52%
Constitution Day 29%
International Women’s Day 25%
Trinity 22%
Victory Day 13%
Labor Day (May 1) 5%