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The First IT Beehive in the World Launched in Ukraine

The first IT beehive in the world, called “AmoHive,” has been launched in the Kyiv region as a joint Ukrainian-Polish project with educational and scientific functions.

Currently, the IT beehive consists of 10 experimental hives made of polypropylene. They are equipped with solar panels and sensors that beekeepers can control from their smartphones. Information from the sensors is transmitted to a server and then to the phone.

Through the mobile application, beekeepers can monitor real-time temperature, humidity, hive weight, and the amount of honey collected. The application also functions as a GPS navigator. In May, these hives were populated with bee families of three different breeds: Ukrainian Steppe, Carpathian, and Carniolan. The beekeepers are currently observing the behavior of the bees and can adjust the temperature and humidity in the hive if necessary, as these indicators affect the bees’ health and, consequently, the results of their work, such as honey production.

A team of experts from Ukraine and Poland worked on the creation of this beehive, and they have obtained a patent for their invention in Ukraine.