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Ukrainer. The country from the inside

The Book “Ukrainer. The Сountry from the Inside” Topped the Amazon Bestseller List

The book “Ukrainer. The country from the inside” topped the Amazon bestseller in the Hot New Releases in History of Ukraine category.

“Ukrainer. The country from the inside” is a book based on a large-scale expedition through Ukraine, which lasted from the summer of 2016 to the winter of 2018 and covered all the historical regions of the country.

The English version of the book “INSIDE UKRAINE. A Portrait of a Country and its People” will be released on February 16 by the British publishing house Batsford.

“This is a convincing visual portrait of the real Ukraine, lovingly created by Ukrainians years before the current war. It reflects the true diversity of this vast country, Europe’s second largest, from picturesque forest villages to large urban housing developments, stunning mountain scenery and estuaries to industrial quarries and medieval fortresses,” Batsford said.

The New York Times included the book “Treasures of Ukraine: the cultural heritage of the people” in rating the best art publications. The book is available on Amazon