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Summer Travel Season 2023 for Ukrainians: Destinations and prices

Despite the closed airspace, Ukrainians continue to travel and look for opportunities to relax and reboot. Tour operator Join UP! has researched the key areas that will be in demand this year.


A trip to the islands is a perfect vacation option. The very feeling that you are not just on the coast, but somewhere in the middle of the sea, creates a special vibe. Both the island of Cyprus and the Greek Crete have stunning natural locations and many historical monuments that are interesting to explore. You can travel to Cyprus from April 29 (from UAH 18,615*), and to Crete from May 24 (from UAH 16,904*). Departures are from Chisinau (Moldova). 

Antalya (Turkey), classic for Ukrainians, is open this year from Chisinau (Moldova), Rzeszów and other cities in Poland from April 28 (from UAH 16,298*), as well as from Suceava and several other cities in Romania from June 12 (from UAH 10,667*).

Spanish coast

If you think that traveling to mainland Spain is all about the big cities, then you still can find a lot more. Tours to Costa Brava and Costa Dorada prove that the Spanish coast is no less interesting than Barcelona or Madrid. Costa Brava is known for its beaches, the sea, ancient castles, and monasteries in the mountains. The fans of Salvador Dali will find here many places related to the life of the outstanding artist.

The Costa Dorada is located further south and is also called the Gold Coast among the Spanish, because of the sandy beaches there. There is also an amusement park PortAventura for those vacationing with children. Flights from Moldova to both resorts start on April 30, and the prices for the tour start from UAH 21,399*.

Balkan adventures

The resorts of Albania and Montenegro have long been known to Ukrainians. The combination of mountain ranges, huge lakes, forests, and bays with historical locations and developed infrastructure make these destinations particularly popular.

Both programs start in June, but the tours to Montenegro start on June 6 from Rzeszów (Poland), while departures to Albania begin on June 11 from Chisinau (Moldova). Prices for both destinations are among the most reasonable: Montenegro from 15,241 UAH*, and Albania from 16,024 UAH*.

Diverse Africa and exotic Asia

African countries in the tour operator’s portfolio differ in their vibe from one another. Popular Egypt, picturesque Tunisia, and relaxed Zanzibar (Tanzania) are located on the same continent but offer completely different experiences. You can travel to such hit destinations as Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada from Poland at any time of the year, and tours start from UAH 19,941*.

Travelers can go to Tunisia, one of the most interesting countries in the Maghreb region, from Romania. Flights will start on June 7 and will cost from UAH 13,841*. It is also possible to depart from the Polish cities of Katowice and Warsaw.

If you want to be even closer to the equator, you can choose the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania. It was this country that inspired the authors of the legendary The Lion King, so you can feel the spirit of Africa there. Tours depart from Poland (Krakow, Warsaw), the Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest), and Romania (Bucharest), while the price starts from UAH 44,344*.

You can travel to the UAE with its futuristic skyscrapers and artificial islands from Poland (Krakow, Warsaw), the Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest), and Romania (Bucharest), while the price starts from UAH 32,752*.

Tourists can experience even more exotic destinations. Maldives with unique villas on the ocean shore, or just above the seawater. You can get there from Poland (Krakow, Warsaw), the Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest), and Romania (Bucharest). The price of the tour starts at UAH 48,837*. Sri Lanka with surfing and elephants in the jungle — from UAH 40,548*. Flights are operated from Poland (Krakow) and Romania (Bucharest).

Thailand, which was probably the longest closed during the pandemic, is available again. Bustling Bangkok, Buddhist temples, the Gulf of Thailand, and the Andaman Sea. You can fly from the Czech Republic (Prague), Romania (Bucharest), or Poland (Krakow, Warsaw), and the price of tours starts from UAH 46,237*.

Bus tours

For those who do not want to complicate the route with transfers to the airport of one of the neighboring countries, there is an opportunity to travel by bus. This season you can go to Turkey, Bulgaria, Montenegro or Greece.

Routes to Antalya are available from Kyiv (from 25.04), Odesa (25.04), and Dnipro (20.05). The price of tours starts from UAH 11,294*. You can go to Montenegro from Kyiv and Lviv. Tours begin on June 3 and the price starts from UAH 11,087*. It is also possible to go to Greece to the Halkidiki peninsula from Kyiv and Lviv. Trips start on June 3, and the cost of tours begins from UAH 14,358*. Bulgaria is available from the same cities and dates, and the price starts from UAH 8,640*.

«Today, the tourism industry of Ukraine is a unique case for the whole world. We continue operations despite the war, support the economy, create jobs, and most importantly inspire Ukrainians,» comments Kateryna Artyukh, Owner Representative of Join UP! tour operator. «We believe that in times of significant stress, it is travel that becomes a source of pleasant emotions and peace.»

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