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Saudi Arabia wants to invest in Zakarpattia

The delegation of foreign businessmen, headed by Abdullah Albassami – representative of Albassami group studies the Ukrainian market and is looking for opportunities for cooperation in the banking and energy sectors, agriculture, construction, health care.

slide02“The purpose of our visit – it’s actually the groundwork for cooperation between entrepreneurs of Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. We are studying the Ukrainian and Zakarpattia market in particular. Upon successful cooperation, the Saudi businessmen will join the economic development of Zakarpattia region”, – said Abdullah Albassami.

Businessmen from Saudi Arabia will stay in the Zakarpattia region until the end of this week. In the rich program of their visit – acquaintance with agricultural, mining and construction companies as well as meeting with the Ukrainian entrepreneurs to discuss the prospects of cooperation establishment.

Al-bassami Group for trading and contracting company was founded in 1982 g. to work in the field of construction of buildings in the public and private sectors , and since 1996 g. at the company’s branch in Jeddah, the company developed a rigorous development plan in mind to develop new sections and branches of the company and increase the capacity and efficiency of the construction works to include networks, infrastructure construction, real estate development, civil construction and electromechanical, in addition to horizontal expansion plan to acquire all the resources and assets that support practicing these types of business and to raise efficiency and production volume.

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