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Lviv Convention Bureau has published Lviv’s MICE guide

The team of Lviv Convention Bureau has published a special guide about Lviv’s MICE facilities – Lviv Meeting Planners’ Guide. This Guide consists of all information about venues with conference halls in Lviv and their additional services useful for planning of conventions.


The target audience for the Guide scheme are foreign and national meeting planners. Publishing Guide is a useful practice in cities all over the world that work with MICE Meeting Planners’ Guide will be distributed during B2B meetings at international MICE exhibits and conferences, for example IMEX (Germany) – May, Europe Spring (Turkey) – June, Meeting Planners (Russia) – September, Russia & Eastern Europe (Germany) – November, EIBTM (Spain) – November. Also it will be distributed during ‘Days of Lviv’ in Ukrainian cities during official delegations, press-tours etc. Online versions of our Guide are accessible on website (Lviv Meeting Planners’ Guide).

Publishing was supported in the frame of Ukrainian–German Development Cooperation through Deutsche Gesellschaft for Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Lviv City Council.

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