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Ryanair Launches 2019 Environmental Partnerships

Ryanair today (7 Mar) launched its international environmental partnerships for 2019, supporting First Climate (Uganda), Renature Monchique, the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group and Native Woodland Trust through customer carbon offset donations.


First Climate – Ryanair is partnering with First Climate’s campaign supporting and promoting the dissemination of energy-efficient cooking stoves in Uganda. First Climate supports private and public sector organisations in achieving their climate and sustainability objectives. Ryanair will support First Climate through customer carbon offset donations to this project.

Renature Monchique– A project to replant trees in the Monchique area of Algarve, which was affected by the largest wildfire in Europe in 2018, Ryanair is partnering with Renature Monchique as it works to restore key ecosystems and damaged land, supporting various initiatives through customer carbon offset donations.

Irish Whale & Dolphin Group The IWDG group is dedicated to the conservation of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Ryanair will work with the IWDG on key initiatives and conservation campaigns throughout the year, supporting this worthy partnership through customer carbon offset donations.

Native Woodland Trust – An Irish non-profit focused on the preservation and restoration of Ireland’s remaining woodland, Ryanair will support Native Woodland Trust through customer carbon offset donations, to develop woodlands across Ireland through various projects in 2019.