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Rising COVID-19 Cases in Ukraine Prompt Potential Quarantine Measures

In the past week, COVID-19 infections have surged by 20% in Ukraine, signaling a concerning trend in the country’s battle against the virus. Health authorities are closely monitoring the situation and considering quarantine restrictions in response to the exceeding epidemiological thresholds, particularly in the Ternopil, Zhytomyr, and Chernivtsi regions.

The announcement came from Ukraine’s Chief Sanitary Doctor, Sergey Kuzin, during a televised marathon on Thursday, November 30. Kuzin expressed the gravity of the situation, stating, “We currently have 14 types of COVID-19 circulating. We are witnessing a significant deterioration in the infection rate, especially given the transition into winter. Among all the reported cases, 50% involve both illness and hospitalizations. Notably, cases are on the rise among children. In three regions – Ternopil, Zhytomyr, and Chernivtsi – the epidemiological threshold has been surpassed. These areas may soon implement specific antiepidemic measures.”

Kuzin further revealed that over a million Ukrainians have contracted the flu and COVID-19 combined since the beginning of the epidemiological season. “On average, we are currently admitting 4,200-4,300 people to hospitals each week. These are notably high figures. The incidence of COVID-19 is increasing, having risen by 20% in the past week,” he emphasized.

As Ukraine grapples with the escalating health crisis, the government is closely evaluating the need for stricter measures to curb the spread of the virus, with a particular focus on the regions experiencing a surge in cases. The situation underscores the challenges faced by nations worldwide in navigating the ongoing complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic.