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Piana Vyshnia

Piana Vyshnia Opens in London

The first branch of the Ukrainian chain Piana Vyshnia was opened in London. The first bar of the Ukrainian “Emotions Holding !FEST” in the United Kingdom will work at 10 Moore Street in Soho.

Piana Vyshnia in London is the 63rd establishment of the chain and the 24th outside of Ukraine, and Great Britain has become the tenth country in which the brand is now present. In addition to Ukraine and Great Britain, the establishment is represented in Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Moldova.

Their flagship drink, the cherry liqueur, originated in Lviv in the 17th century. Piana Vyshnia is a sweet, easy drink infused with brandy and cherries.

The cost of cherry liqueur in London is 4.5 pounds for 100 ml and 23 pounds for a 0.5 l bottle.

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Cartão Digital
Cartão Digital
13 days ago

Thank you for creating a blog that feels like a warm hug of gratitude. It’s a comforting embrace for the soul!

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