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New Restaurants Opened in Lviv in Summer 2023

New Restaurants that opened in Lviv over the summer:


Dakh is an establishment located on the rooftop of the @prettyhighkitchen restaurant from the!FEST Holding. It positions itself as a “restaurant on the city’s rooftop” and boasts one of the largest terraces in the center of Lviv with panoramic views of the city rooftops, according to the team.  Dakh was initially launched as a seasonal format, but it may eventually transition to year-round operation.

Richka – A new concept from the Chornomorka network

Richka is a new concept introduced by the Chornomorka network, offering river fish and farm products. The first establishment of this format was launched in June in Kyiv, and in July, a Lviv branch opened under a franchise agreement.

Kim Kimchi – A Korean cuisine restaurant with barbecue

Kim Kimchi is a Korean cuisine restaurant with barbecue, and the first Lviv location was opened on Lesi Ukrainky Street. The menu includes dishes like bowls, ramen, and bibimbap.

Kolos – A restaurant near Vynnychenka Street

Kolos is a restaurant located on Vynnychenka Street, not far from the Arsenal. The core concept is to reinterpret Greek cuisine “with a Ukrainian character.” The menu features dishes made with local farm products and cooked over an open flame, including burrata with roasted peppers and penirli with pear and grapes.

Sun Garden Resto – An establishment in the “America” residential complex

Sun Garden Resto is located in the “America” residential complex on Volodymyra Velykoho Street in the Frankivskyi district. The menu includes pizza, burgers, and main courses.

Resto Friends – A “Friends”-themed establishment

Resto Friends is a “Friends”-themed establishment situated in the Parus City residential complex on Kulparkivska Street. The menu features burgers and dishes for groups, along with karaoke entertainment.


Другий поверх is an establishment that opened on Yavorsky Square. “Usually, food reveals its flavor potential in two cases. The first is when vegetables, meat, or seafood are barely touched, emphasizing their primary taste. The second case is when products are slowly and long-cooked, mainly in their own juice. Our cuisine specializes in the second option,” they explain about the concept of the establishment. For example, the menu includes veal with fermentation, lamb with currants, and the signature pate with bread.

Meze & Wine – A Greek cuisine restaurant

Meze & Wine is a Greek cuisine restaurant located near the Maria Zankovetska National Drama Theater. The menu includes moussaka, gyros, and daytime breakfast options.

Bruno – A pizza and burger café

Bruno is an establishment owned by the creators of Haim café on Lesi Ukrainky Street. It defines itself as an urban café specializing in pizza, burgers, and cocktails. The menu includes items such as pizza with bacon and potatoes.

Sicilian Courtyard – An Italian cuisine restaurant

Sicilian Courtyard is an Italian cuisine restaurant located on Khmelnytskoho Street near Stary Rynok Square. The team thoroughly researched Sicilian gastronomic traditions to create the menu. The restaurant features a spacious courtyard terrace that can accommodate up to 200 people.

Chotyry Chebureky – A chain specializing in chebureks

Chotyry Chebureky is a chain of establishments specializing in chebureks and prosecco. They recently opened a new location on Chervonoji Kalyny Avenue in the Sykhivskyi district. The unique features of this establishment include the distinctive architecture of the Sykhivska Tower, an expanded menu with dishes created by a Crimean chef, a cozy terrace, and a children’s room.

Red Monkey – A Lviv ramen restaurant

Red Monkey is a Lviv ramen restaurant, the second establishment of which was opened on Zamarstynivska Street, not far from the “Svitoch” factory. The menu includes seven types of ramen, gyoza, and onigiri. Previously, this location housed the “Kult Khliba” bakery.

Dzen – An Asian cuisine establishment

Dzen is an Asian cuisine establishment located in the Avalon residential complex. The menu includes brunch options, bowls, and wok dishes.