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Pegasus expands its ground operations at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Pegasus Airlines has taken over the management of its entire ground operations for its flights at its main hub Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport as of 1 June 2016. Having already been operating its own check-in, baggage and boarding services, Pegasus will now expand its ground services to include ramp and aircraft parking services.

Mehmet_Nane_7Pegasus Airlines has taken a historic step at its primary hub, Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport, where it operates around 400 flights daily, with a view to maximising guest satisfaction. Having been operating its own check-in, baggage and boarding services for its flights, Pegasus has now expanded its services to include ramp and aircraft parking services that include baggage loading and unloading, transfers between the terminal and aircraft, interior and exterior aircraft cleaning, cargo, de-icing, chute and all related services directly operated by its own staff.

Speaking at the launch, Pegasus CEO Mehmet T. Nane said: “As Pegasus Airlines, we continue to work hard to develop our services in order to continually improve our guests’ satisfaction. Our aim has been to introduce the Pegasus travel experience and our innovative operations into such an important part of the customer journey as transporting our guests between airport terminals and our aircraft. We received our official license from the Civil Aviation Authority on 18 August 2015 and have gradually been increasing the provision of our own services since 29 March 2016. Since 1 June, we are now operating the full ramp services with our own personnel and equipment.”


Pegasus has employed 1000 personnel for ground services and invested 20 million Euros in equipment 

Mehmet T. Nane continued: “As part of the project, we have created 1000 new jobs. With the addition of our new personnel Pegasus now has 5378 employees as of the end of the first quarter of 2016. Since January, our new personnel have been receiving their Civil Aviation Authority approved training in order to start work, combining training on our simulators, in the classroom and in-the field. But the training does not end once they start work as our on-the-job training continues throughout employment at Pegasus.

We have also purchased the latest and most advanced technological equipment for our operations, which has not been utilised in Turkey previously, as we newly built our equipment parking space. We have selected the newest and most advanced technological equipment to run our ground service operations meticulously and have invested 20 million Euros in doing so.”

Mehmet T. Nane also explained how Pegasus’ investment in new equipment saw the airline investing a total of 7.2 million Euros to purchase, from a variety of international equipment specialists: 24 Durabus VivAir² 104WL buses, 5 ‘Ambulifts’ – vehicles for carrying patients – as well as airstairs, conveyor belts, cleaning generators, baggage carrying vehicles and water and cesspit drainage equipment. Additionally, Pegasus purchased 13 Pushbacks, 5 De-Icing Vehicles, 38 Baggage Trucks 18 Ground Power and 2 Air Starters and Air Conditioners.


Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen is at the heart of Pegasus’ operations

Highlighting the 200 take-off and landings Pegasus operates daily in Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen, Mehmet T. Nane added: “Since we launched our scheduled flights in 2005, Sabiha Gokcen has been Pegasus’ main flight hub. Back when we launched our low cost flights there were only a few flights a week operating from this airport. Today, we are delighted to say that as Pegasus has grown at Sabiha Gokcen, Sabiha Gokcen has also grown with it.

From having served just 1,019,746 passengers by the end of 2005, Sabiha Gokcen’s total passenger numbers have soared to 28,285,578 by the end of 2015. As we run 57% of our total operations and 70% of our summer operations through Sabiha Gokcen, the quality of the service we offer our guests here has utmost significance for our general operational quality and service excellence. By taking over the ramp services we are taking control of a vital part of our operations.”

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