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New Uber Travel Service in Ukraine

Uber has announced the upcoming launch of its new service, Uber Travel, in Ukraine.

The service is set to provide users with a unified solution based on information from their previous social media activity.

According to Matthew Devlin, head of international relations at Uber, Uber Travel will collect data from users’ LinkedIn and other travel accounts to create a single route that connects various points of interest such as train tickets, hotel reservations, and restaurants.

With Uber Travel, users can simply use the platform to connect these points. Simply head to the “Travel” icon in your Uber app, and connect your Gmail or Microsoft account to get started. When you make a travel-related booking and have the receipt sent to your registered email address, Uber will automatically create an itinerary within Uber Travel for you.

Plan ahead of time
Want to set it and forget it? We’ve got you—when you travel to places where Uber Reserve is available, you can book your rides upfront, directly from your itinerary, so you can more easily get to the airport, to the hotel, and back again.

10% Uber Cash reward
The best part? With each Uber Reserve ride you book and complete through Uber Travel, you’ll get rewarded with 10% in Uber Cash that you can use in your next Uber ride from now until Jun 30.

The company already provides ten different services in Ukraine and boasts over 25,000 employed drivers on its taxi platform.