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New reforms to change Ukrainian healthcare

Healthcare in Ukraine is available free of charge to all citizens, however, in practice, the free services only cover basic provision and patients often have to pay for extras. Often, doctors and consultants also charge a fee for their time.

doctorFrom 2017 the Ministry of Health refuses to pay for the bare minimum of “walls and beds.” Instead, the Ministry starts the “money follows the patient” system. 

All patients will be able to choose a family physician with whom they want to sign a contract. A family physician in Ukraine will receive an average of  210UAH for every patient per year (on top of their salary). The number of patients of one doctor will be limited by two thousand per year. Regions will also receive tertiary-care facilities that will provide services to all residents who live within 60 km radius of the center.

The most important step will be the rejection of paper statements. Instead, Ministry plans to introduce the electronic register e-Health.

Primary health insurance also will be innovation in Ukrainian heath system. It will be funded by the state and will be provided regardless of an individual’s place of residence or financial status. The insurance will also cover patients with tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, drug addiction and hepatitis. Patients living with type-2 diabetes, asthma, and cardiovascular diseases will have free access to some 25 different medications through the national program for reimbursement.

The next step will be the emergency medical services reform. Officials want to reduce the time of arrival of the ambulance from 15-20 minutes to 4-8. For the implementation Ministry of Health planning to expand the network of emergency departments and to bring to work paramedics. 

The Ukrainian health system is not ready for such a shock; many doctors are not ready for a competitive job, same with the heads of medical institutions, which funding can be reduced. However, recently adopted series of decrees would radically overhaul the country’s depressing medical services and corrupt business.


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