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Gusovsky Restaurants

Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings in Kyiv

Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings in Kyiv in 2024:

French cuisine restaurant from Gusovsky Restaurants

Sergey and Yevgen Gusovsky’s new project is a French cuisine restaurant set to open near the Volodymyrsky Market. The team from Gusovsky Restaurants traveled to France for a gastronomic journey to prepare the concept before February 24. For the first time, they collaborate with the architectural workshop Balbek Bureau.


Vmyaso is a Kharkiv-based meat restaurant chain that is gearing up to open its first establishment in Kyiv on Nizhniy Val Street in Podil. The format is described as a “gastrocafé with a focus on meat dishes.” Previously, the Carnivora concept operated in this space.


Novella is a Mediterranean restaurant, opened by the brand-chef and winner of the Master Chef TV show Vadim Bzhuzhinsky. They promise an open kitchen, a Neapolitan pizza oven, and a cocktail bar.