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MOL Limo

MOL Limo Cars Are Available at Liszt Ferenc International Airport

MOL Limo, the environmentally friendly car-sharing system has been introduced at Liszt Ferenc International Airport as of today. From 5th June fifteen separate parking spaces have been dedicated to MOL Limo vehicles that are increasingly popular among young people and environmentally conscious residents of the city. The first users coming to the airport by MOL Limo cars were Dr. Noémi Horváth and Mr. Ákos Balog who are traveling to a conference in Berlin.

Going forward, arriving passengers at the airport now have the opportunity to choose MOL Limo vehicles for getting home from Liszt Ferenc International Airport (the name MOL Limo comes from ‘limitless mobility’). No less than 15 dedicated parking spaces are available for them in the Holiday Lite car park. These days, many city-dwellers decide not to own cars, taking the costs of operating the vehicle, difficult parking, and crawling along at a snail’s speed in traffic jams into consideration. In addition to public transport, systems of communal car use are introduced in more and more big cities. Its main advantage is that people use the vehicles only for the time and to the extent they actually need them. Private cars in big cities spend 95% of their useful life standing empty – parked – occupying space in the street.

MOL Limo so far was only available in the inner districts of Budapest and the central part of Buda, but from now on Liszt Ferenc International Airport has become part of the network, which means both departing and arriving passengers can count on MOL Limo vehicles. Currently, 450 MOL limos are available in Budapest, 100 of which are electric, the batteries of which can also be recharged in the car park at the airport. The MOL Limo smart phone application offers more detailed information on the system.

“We are glad to host the MOL Limo network, as its goals perfectly match our objectives of environmental protection. Through our Greenairport program, we intend to introduce as many new practices supporting sustainable operation as possible, and encouraging communal car use is fully aligned with this approach,” said Jost Lammers, the CEO of Budapest Airport. He also pointed out that Budapest Airport is operating on the level of carbon neutrality for the third year now, which means the airport can keep the use of energy in balance, the internationally accepted indicator of which is its carbon footprint.

“Perhaps the most frequent question we have got during the past year was about when the airport will be included in the MOL Limo system? I am proud to announce now that all obstacles have been overcome and from today we are the first car-sharing network that is present at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Feedback from our customers says that there is a huge demand for car-sharing in both directions to and from the airport and the city and they definitely need the simple solution offered by us.” – said Richárd Sárecky, managing director of MOL Limo at the start of the operation.