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Leo Express

Leo Express to connect Prague and Krakow

Leo Express becomes the first international open access operator on Polish railway. Prague and Krakow were connected by Leo Express train for the first time on July 20th. New service is ideal for weekend trips,
departing from Prague to Krakow every Friday and Sunday. From Krakow to Prague, the train will depart every Saturday and Monday.

Leo Express offers its highly comfortable trains with premium services, with Wi-Fi connection, food service, and caring stewards.

Train stops in the Czech Republic: Praha, main station, Praha – Libeň, Kolín, Pardubice, Zábřeh na Moravě, Olomouc, Přerov, Hranice na Moravě, Suchdolnad Odrou, Studénka, Ostrava – Svinov, Ostrava, hl. n., Bohumín

Train stops in Poland: Zebrzydowice, Pszczyna, Tychy, Katowice, Myslowice, Oswiecim, Zator, Energylandia, Skawia, Krakow