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Israel Suspends Visa-Free Regime for Ukrainian Citizens

Israel has suspended the visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens by introducing special permits to be issued by the country’s Interior Ministry.

The Ukrainian embassy in Israel has announced changes in the rules of entry.

1. A quota has been set for 5,000 Ukrainian citizens who will be able to enter the country. Israel has already accepted part of the quota and will continue to do so.

2. Arrival in Israel and boarding of the flight (s) shall be subject to the prior authorization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel.

3. If a citizen of Ukraine wishes to come to Israel at the invitation of an Israeli citizen, an Israeli citizen is obliged to sign a declaration for the guest on the website of the Office of Population and Immigration.

4. Citizens of Ukraine who apply to come to Israel must fill out an electronic application on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel

5. The response to the applicant’s request will be sent to the applicant’s e-mail address.

6. If the applicant arrives in Israel at the invitation of an Israeli citizen residing in Israel, the invited applicant must receive an invitation from an Israeli citizen (as referred to in paragraph 3) before completing the application (as referred to in paragraph 4).

Please note that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel is the only authorized body that decides on the admission of foreigners, including Ukrainians on the territory of the country.

Given the previous cases of refusal of Ukrainians to cross the border or lengthy checks on the grounds for entry into the country, which forced Ukrainian citizens to wait for hours for inspection results, the Embassy urges Ukrainians to consider the following before traveling to Israel:

Israel does not accept refugees from Ukraine;
The Government of Israel has identified priority categories of persons who may enter Israel under certain conditions (eg spouses / children of Ukrainian citizens and Israeli citizens permanently residing in Ukraine; citizens who have previously applied for family reunification with citizens of Israel, members of families of Israelites of the first line of kinship, new repatriates and persons with Jewish roots);
People trying to enter Israel as tourists (for example, you just want to wait for the end of the Israeli war or have friends or relatives in Israel who do not have Israeli status) cannot enter the country without hindrance;
If you are determined to enter Israel, be sure to consult with Israeli lawyers, most of whom are currently providing free legal advice.