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Banksy Graffiti

Irpin to Transform Public Space with Modern Square Featuring Banksy Graffiti Installation

Irpin, located in the Kyiv region, is set to undergo a vibrant transformation by creating a modern square adorned with a Banksy graffiti installation. The concept for the beautification of Severinivska Street’s square was recently unveiled to the community by the former mayor and founder of the “Irpin Restoration Fund,” Volodymyr Karplyuk.

According to the project, the square will be designed with pedestrian walkways and recreational areas, offering a welcoming space for residents. Notably, the square will showcase protected Banksy graffiti pieces and artifacts from the time of the city’s liberation. Additionally, plans include the construction of a graffiti wall in other parts of the park.

The conceptualization of the square was a collaborative effort between the “Brave” community and the architectural bureau Vovk+Partners Architects. This dynamic team has previously contributed to 20 projects focused on the reconstruction and development of the Irpin community, all of which have been presented to the municipal council.

To explore the concept of the square’s beautification, follow this link.