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Historic Villa in Lviv to Transform into a Boutique Hotel

A historic villa, located near in Lviv city center on Shevchenka Street, 31, may transform into a boutique hotel. The relevant urban planning conditions and restrictions were presented during a meeting of the executive committee of the Lviv City Council on Friday, December 15.

The 20th-century villa, once utilized for the needs of a knitwear factory, is now classified as a local architectural monument. The property spans 1.23 hectares and is designated for the construction and maintenance of a multi-apartment residential building with elements of trade, entertainment, and market infrastructure.

Since 2019, the property has been leased by the LLC “Knitwear Factory Promin.” The company has approached the Lviv City Council seeking urban planning conditions and restrictions. The owners of the villa have developed a professional restoration project to convert it into a mini-hotel with the addition of an elevator. However, this project still requires approval from UNESCO, as the property is located within a historical area.

The “Promin” knitwear factory, situated at Shevchenka Street, 31, was established in 1939. After closing in the 1990s, the factory resumed production in 2012. The proposed transformation of the historic villa reflects the evolving landscape of Lviv’s architectural heritage and its adaptation to contemporary needs.