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H&M Ukraine

H&M Ukraine Set to Reopen Most of Its Stores in Ukraine

Prior to the onset of full-scale war, H&M Ukraine operated nine stores in the country. On February 24, 2022, all of these stores suspended their operations. In August 2023, H&M Group announced its intentions to gradually reopen the majority of its stores in Ukraine, with the rollout slated to begin in November 2023. This announcement was made in a corresponding press release published on H&M Group’s global website, coinciding with Ukraine’s Independence Day.

While H&M Ukraine has not disclosed the specific stores that will be among the first to reopen, representatives of the brand have stated their commitment to providing customers with a shopping experience consistent with what was offered before the temporary closures. The range of products is expected to encompass women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing across all reopened stores, along with the H&M Move sportswear line and H&M Home products available in select outlets. Additionally, items that were in stock at the time of store closures will form part of the commercial offerings alongside new collections.

This announcement marks a positive development for Ukrainian consumers who have long-awaited the return of the popular H&M brand to their local retail landscape. The gradual reopening of H&M stores in Ukraine reaffirms the brand’s commitment to the country and its ongoing efforts to provide high-quality fashion and home products to its loyal customers.