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HalfPrice, Owned by CCC, to Open Flagship Store in Ukraine

HalfPrice, the retail network owned by the Polish company CCC, is making its mark in Ukraine by opening its very first flagship store. Scheduled to commence operations on November 9, the store will be located within the Respublika Park shopping center, as reported by the Association of Retailers in Ukraine.

This flagship store is set to occupy a generous total area of over 1,800 square meters, making it a significant addition to the Ukrainian retail landscape. Shoppers can expect to find a wide range of discounted items, including branded clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, toys, and home goods from well-known brands.

HalfPrice initially debuted in Poland in May 2021 and has since grown to establish a presence in more than 100 stores across nine Central and Eastern European countries. The network’s expansion encompasses Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Latvia, and Hungary.

The introduction of HalfPrice’s flagship store in Ukraine reflects the company’s commitment to providing Ukrainian consumers with access to quality products at competitive prices.

In August 2023, H&M Group announced its intentions to gradually reopen the majority of its stores in Ukraine, with the rollout slated to begin in November 2023