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Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines Presents Dreamliner’s “Dream Feather” Interiors

Hainan Airlines first 787-9 Dreamliner with “Dream Feather” interiors was delivered to the airline’s hangars at Haikou Meilan International Airport on March 28, marking an overall upgrade of the airline’s brand visual design. The visually pleasing, light and elegant cabin environment assures passengers of a comfortable and stress-free travel experience and makes flying easier.

Hainan Airlines partnered with renowned UK-based design firm PriestmanGoode to create the “Dream Feather” concept. The British firm completed the project in under two years, upgrading the airline’s “look” across the board, including the cabin environment, air-to-ground service supplies and service logos. The “Dream Feather” concept is based on the idea that a feather in a dream is often presented as a feather that is floating in the air or a “feather in flight”. The minimalist feather pattern has been applied in various spaces where the airline’s branding appears, including on the wallpaper, the curtains, the seat and the floor of the aircraft, creating a unique brand identity that will be easily remembered by passengers.

The “Dream Feather” Dreamliner introduces Super Economy class for the first time, adding a third class to the already existing two, which now has a total of 294 seats, 26 business class seats, 21 super economy class seats and 247 economy class seats. Business class, with “Champagne gold” as the dominant tone, has adopted the mainstream 1-2-1 reverse fishbone layout. The airline chose Super Diamond seats from high-end seat manufacturer Rockwell Collins, with spacing between the seat in front upgraded to 46 inches, the ideal distance between reverse herringbone seat. The spaciousness of the area allocated to the passenger, including five places for storage coupled with the golden yarn flickering under the light in the gentle atmosphere, highlight the noble luxury quality. The new Super Economy class, with the light and fashionable “Silver grey” as the dominant tone, equipped with the award-winning Rockwell Collins MIQ seat, comes appointed with four-way head restraints, seat backs that recline up to seven inches, an iPad bracket as well as individual power plug and USB charging port, offering convenient and easy smart travel for passengers. Economy class, with the “Burgundy red” as the dominant tone, is equipped with the popular Recaro CL3710 seat, patented seven-way adjustable head restraints, an ergonomic waist support cushion and a uniquely designed and positioned book and newspaper holder that adds more than one inch of leg room to create a more comfortable travelling experience. The cabin deploys situational lighting, inspired by the natural colors of a river and the sun and moon, delivering a naturally alternating balance between light and shadow.

The all new cabin is equipped with cutting-edge “Hai Studio” hardware and the latest Panasonic EX3 entertainment system, while business, super economy and economy classes respectively feature 18-inch, 13-inch, and 12-inch 1080P HD screens. The entertainment system’s visually-pleasing interface details all media options, while a “recommended” tag and a “score” informs the passenger as to the popularity of each selection. In addition, the wake-up service comes with multiple options that include choices to set a wake-up call for meals and aircraft landing. Furthermore, a tutorial function makes it easy for the traveler to effortlessly navigate all the available features.

Besides the outstanding cabin environment and hardware, Hainan Airlines’ entirely new air-to-ground service supplies, logos and ground premium VIP Check-in areas were also designed with the “Dream Feather” image to present a consistent visual effect from the moment the passenger steps into the check-in area to the moment he or she disembarks from the plane. The premium VIP check-in areas with the “Dream Feather” design have already formally “opened for business” in Beijing and Xi’an.

Hainan Airlines’ new 787-9 Dreamliner with “Dream Feather” interiors is scheduled to serve routes from Beijing to Haikou, Sanya, Chengdu, Changsha, Guiyang, Fuzhou, Xiamen and other domestic cities as well as international routes between Beijing and destinations in North America. Passengers on these routes will have the opportunity to experience Hainan Airlines’ brand-new brand image, bathed in an atmosphere that lets one feel well-taken care of while enjoying a stress-free travel experience and flying easier.