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France Changes Rules for Ukrainian Refugees

Ukrainian refugees in France who have received a temporary residence permit with the indication “beneficiary of temporary protection” must resume this status 6 months after receiving the permit. Only after the renewal of the status Ukrainians will be able to enjoy protection in France and related benefits.

To retain your ADA rights, you must hold a valid APS. It is up to you to renew your APS at the prefecture in your area of ​​residence. To find out about the procedure for renewing your APS, consult the website https://parrainage.refugees.info/fr/ukraine or go to the prefecture.

To then extend your rights to ADA, you must send the following documents to the competent OFII territorial office as soon as possible:

For rapid processing of your file, these documents should preferably be sent by email to the competent territorial department according to your department of residence.

They can also be communicated by mail. If sent by post, the words “Renewal ADA Ukraine” must appear on the envelope.