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Four Capitals Train Can Be Extended to Tallinn

The route of four capitals train can be extended to the capital of Estonia – the city of Tallinn. Practical decisions on this were made after the next round of negotiations of representatives of the railways of Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia, which were held in Kyiv in recent days.

tallinnCurrently, Ukrzaliznytsya, the Estonian Railway and the railways through which the route of this international train passes, entered the final stage of negotiations. “We have all the technical possibilities for continuing to Tallinn. We expect the first trip on the extended route the train will travel this spring,” said Yevgen Kravtsov.

Train No. 31/32 Kiev – Minsk – Vilnius – Riga began to run from September 28, 2018. Currently, the train runs 10 wagons, including 9 coupes and 1 luxury class wagon, the 6th wagon compartments are divided into men-only and women-only.