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easyJet tests smart shoes

easyJet has unveiled a prototype smart shoe – named the ‘Sneakairs’ – which with their built-in technology could help customers explore new cities with ease, enabling them to take in their surroundings without getting lost. The revolutionary smart shoe incorporates a technology which connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app which uses phone’s GPS and directs the wearer which way to walk by triggering small vibrating sensors within the shoe.


easyJet is known for using technology to make travel easier for its 70 million passengers. Since last year the airline has been helping its passengers through the airport with its Mobile Host technology, a feature of easyJet’s award winning app that provides helpful guidance to passengers during their journey in the airport, including directions to the gate and timely information on gate numbers and luggage belts to make their journey that little bit more seamless. The easyJet Sneakair prototype could be developed for its passengers to purchase on-board in the future.

Wearable technologies are not new to easyJet. To coincide with its 20th birthday last November, the airline unveiled a world-first in airline uniforms by demonstrating wearable technology into cabin crew and engineers’ uniforms to improve communication and passenger safety procedures.

In recent years easyJet has embraced technology to help make passenger journeys easier and more seamless. easyJet’s app is the fastest airline app available and has now been downloaded more than 16 million times. Almost 100,000 passengers used mobile boarding passes last week.

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