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Smoking in Public

E-cigarettes and Hookahs Are Now Prohibited from Smoking in Public Places

Smoking electronic cigarettes and using devices for heating tobacco in public places have been banned in Ukraine since July 11. The latter category includes any device for consuming tobacco without burning it, including IQOS, Glo, and hookahs.

Such restrictions are provided by the law, which was adopted in December 2021 in order to make Ukrainian legislation compliant with the EU directive on tobacco products.

The law defines a number of public places where it will not be possible to smoke electronic cigarettes:

public transport stops, train stations, stations;
airports, except for places specially designated for this purpose;
public transport, as well as taxis;
premises of cafes, bars, and restaurants;
theaters, museums, galleries, concert halls;
hotels, hostels, dormitories;
offices and enterprises;
premises of educational and sports institutions and their territories;
hospitals and their territories;
elevators and payphones;
underground passages;
entrances of residential buildings;
state institutions and premises of local self-government bodies.

It will not be possible to set aside special places for smoking in the premises of restaurants, offices and other public places listed above (except airports).

According to the legislation, streets, courtyards, squares and parks are also considered public places, but in the new law they were not included in the list of places where it is prohibited to smoke electronic cigarettes and devices for heating tobacco.

Smokers will have to pay a fine of 1,000 UAH for smoking electronic cigarettes in public places, and 10,000 UAH for repeated violations.

The owners of cafes, bars and restaurants are subject to a fine of 3,000 UAH if they allow visitors to smoke in the establishments. For a repeated violation, you will have to pay 15,000 UAH.