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Construction of Mostyska-Sknyliv Standard-Gauge Railway Set to Commence in 2024

Construction of the Mostyska-Sknyliv section of the standard-gauge railway, from the border with Poland to Lviv, is planned to commence in 2024, according to Lviv Regional State Administration.

The railway will be utilized for both freight and passenger transportation between Ukraine and European Union countries. “This is an extremely important project that will ensure efficient international rail connections between Poland, EU countries, and Ukraine. The Sknyliv station will become an international railway hub. It was chosen for the hub’s development to avoid overloading the Lviv station, through which most domestic trains pass,” explained Maxim Kozitsky, the head of Lviv Regional State Administration.

For the section from Mostyska to Sknyliv, it is necessary to reconstruct 72.9 km of the 1520 mm gauge track to the 1435 mm standard gauge. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will assist in the modernization of the section from Mostyska to Sknyliv.

The required documentation for construction has already been prepared. Additionally, the project is undergoing an environmental impact assessment. Simultaneously, discussions with investors are ongoing regarding the next stages of project implementation.