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Crimean Tatar

A Crimean Tatar Cultural Center to Build on the Territory of the Shults Brewery

A Crimean Tatar cultural and educational center with a mosque for 5,000 people is planned to be built on the territory of the Shultz brewery in Demiivka.

Also, according to the plans, a school for children from Crimea and Ukraine will be built, in which at least 200 students will study, 50 of which will be of the boarding type.

In addition, a cultural and business center will be built on the territory of the complex, which will house a museum of the Crimean Tatars, a library, a conference hall, and premises for various groups. Cafes and shops “in the national style” will also be open.

“The total construction area will be approximately 30,000 m2,” the project description says.