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60% rise in passengers at Kyiv Zhuliany Airport

Outbound passenger traffic leaving Ukraine via Kyiv’s Zhuliany Airport has increased by 60% compared to the same period last year after the introduction of visa-free travel between Ukraine and the EU.

The statistics were announced by Serhiy Tupalsky, Head of Kyiv City Customs of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, which manages the Kyiv Zhuliany Airport border point.

“From 11 June, around 40,000 Ukrainian citizens travelled to Europe through this border point, while 39,500 came to Ukraine from Europe. Around 75% of travellers were Ukrainian citizens. During the same period from last year, these figures were 25,000 and 24,500 respectively. The huge rise has exceeded all expectations. Furthermore, the overall amount of international flights has increased as well. This month, nine new destinations to EU countries appeared,” Tupalsky explained.

From 11 June, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and the State Boarder Service of Ukraine have moved to strengthen control at border points in expectation of a 30% rise in passenger traffic after the new visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU.

The State Boarder Service of Ukraine reports that in a month, 95,460 Ukrainian citizens made use of visa-free travel.

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