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4,907 miles – Distance from Ukraine to Vietnam

For a long time, Vietnam has been becoming a favorite destination of many Ukraine travelers. While Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe, Vietnam is the one located in South East Asia. Their distance is up to 4,907 miles (equal to 7,897 Kilometers). Even though they are far from each other, with airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles), they are connected in just around 8 hours. This is for non-stop flight.


Important tip before traveling to Vietnam:

Vietnam visa is the very first important issue everyone should care for before every trip to Vietnam. At the moment, Vietnam has granted visa exemption upon certain nationals. Travelers can check this information at https://www.vietnam-visa.com/vietnam-visa-requirement.

In case a Vietnam visa is needed, one should keep in mind that there may be two ways available for them to handle their visa application as follows:

  • Get visa via the local Vietnam embassy; OR
  • Get Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA).

Both these ways offer travelers a valid visa for Vietnam, but one should keep in mind that they are quite different in terms of procedure and beneficiaries.

  1. Procedure:

Vietnam Embassy visa:

The visa procedure via the embassy may vary from one to one, but their common procedure is as follows:

  1. Prepare documents for visa application (including, but not limited to completed visa application form in hard copy, original passport and visa fee);
  2. Travel to the embassy to submit application and pay for visa fee;
  3. Travel back home and wait;
  4. Travel back to the embassy to pick up original passport with the visa;
  5. Travel to Vietnam.


Vietnam visa on arrival:

The procedure to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival seems to be very simple as follow:

  1. Submit an online application form;
  2. Pay for service fee;
  3. Get visa approval letter via email;
  4. Get visa stamped at Vietnam airport.
  5. Beneficiaries

While the former option is available for all travelers to Vietnam, the latter supports those traveling to Vietnam by air only.

For information and assistance for visa to Vietnam, we suggest travelers visit https://www.vietnam-visa.com/ which has been highly rated by travelers all around the world.



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