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2 Kharkiv Metro Stations Renamed

The city council of Kharkiv has announced the renaming of the metro stations Pushkinska and Pivdennyi Vokzal (South Railway Station).

The metro station Pushkinska is now named Yaroslava Mudroho, while Pivdennyi Vokzal has been renamed to Vokzalna. Mayor Igor Terekhov also signed an order to rename over 300 toponyms associated with Russia. For example, Mendeleev Street has been renamed Navchalna (Educational), Ossetian Street is now called Varshavynska Street, and Krylova Street has been changed to Archaeologists Street. Additionally, Vologods’kyi Lane has been renamed to English Lane, Dagestans’kyi Lane to Boryslavskyi Lane, and Zhelyabova Lane to Mercy Lane.

Initially, there was a proposal to rename the Pushkinska metro station to Polytechnic since the first technical higher education institution in eastern Ukraine, currently known as the National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, was established in this area of the city.

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