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odesa Monument to Catherine

What Would the Square Look Like Without the Monument to Catherine II in Odesa

Architects Dmytro Sivak and Kyrylo Verbych have developed a draft proposal for the renewed Kateryninska Square.

“BezEkaterynenska square. How it can look when Monument to Catherine will be removed. At the initiative of Petro Obukhov and according to the concept of Arkady Shupliakov, we decided to make a sketch proposal,” the architects said.

The people of Odessa propose to arrange the space of the square and the adjacent street with fountains, trees and places for people to rest. They want to make the square a place where concerts and fairs will be held.

Dmytro Sivak and Kyryll Verbych hope that there will be a competition to determine how the renovated square and fountain will look. They also indicated that they are willing to share the models with other architects.

odesa Monument to Catherine