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What will be the tourism trends for 2017?

HotelsPro, a technology and hotel reservation solutions provider for travel industry professionals and a brand of the world’s leading travel and accommodation supplier MetGlobal Group of Companies, announced the trends and developments that can affect tourism industry in the world in 2017.

eiffel-tower-1156146_640Stating that global travel market will grow, the investment to mobile technologies will increase and personalized package tours will come into prominence in 2017, Nevgul Bilsel Safkan, Managing Director of HotelsPro, forecasted the trends and growth that will shape the tourism industry in 2017 and moving forward:

Asia Pacific region will maintain its progress

Being the rising destination of the tourism sector in recent years, Asia Pacific region will maintain its progress also in 2017.

The travel expenses of Chinese people will continue to increase

As of 2017, China will be positioned as the biggest travel market with the increasing gross national product, employment and consumption rates. The travel expenses will increase in developing countries such as Russia, Brazil, India and Indonesia.

Halal travel demand will scale up

Having a rise in recent years, halal travel will make progress in 2017. Halal travel sector is expected to reach a size of 20 billion dollars in 2020.

New technologies will increase the sales

Travel product sales will increase in the world with the effect of new technologies and business models. Travel product sales is expected to reach a size of 2.5 trillion dollars in 2020.

Mobile technology expenses will increase

Like all the other industries, online and mobile technologies will continue to affect tourism industry in a large scale. The mobile technology oriented expenses of the companies operating in the tourism industry will increase.

Business travels to Asia will increase

The increasing trade connections between East and West will cause an increase in global business travels. The biggest increase will be in Asia region.

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