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Ukrzaliznytsia to Launch Kyiv-Przemysl Night Train in June

From June 11, 2022, Ukrzaliznytsia is appointing a new daily night train No. 53/54 “Kyiv – Przemysl”.

Night train No. 53/54 will depart from June 11 from Kyiv at 19:48 and arrive in Przemysl the next day at 07:21. In the opposite direction, the train will start running from June 12, will depart at 18:39 and arrive in Kyiv at 09:21. Thanks to this service, passengers will have a convenient transfer to trains that run to other cities in Poland and Austria.

Upon arrival at 07:21 in Przemysl, you can transfer at 10:21 to the Intercity train No. 105 “Przemysl – Vienna – Graz”. You can also conveniently transfer to the Intercity train No. 3804 “Przemysl – Szczecin”, which runs, in particular, through the cities of Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Zielona Góra, Szczecin.

From June 1, the rules for issuing free tickets to Ukrainians for trips around Poland are changing. From now on, passengers from Ukraine will have the opportunity to travel free of charge only on the routes of the cities: Chelm, Dorogusk, Lublin, Grubeshov, Przemysl, Zaguzh, Yaroslav and Rzeszow.