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Ukrainian Railways to Launch a Train to Košice Airport

The Government of the Slovak Republic has supported the proposal to introduce a direct railway connection along the route Kyiv – Košice reports the press service of the Ministry of Community Development, Territories, and Infrastructure of Ukraine.

According to the information from the State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic, Denisa Žiláková, the route will serve, among other things, to allow more Ukrainians to use the services of the international airport in Košice.

The train will arrive at the Hanišovce station near Košice via the Pavlovo – Matovske Voykovce border crossing. Currently, organizational and preparatory work is underway before launching the route. Equipment for border and customs control is being installed, the platform at the Hanišovce station near Košice is being modified, and bus connections to the airport and the railway station in Košice are being prepared. Contracts for transport services with the Slovak Railways are also to be concluded, and funding is to be secured.

Since March 18, 2024, Ukrainian Railways has started selling tickets online for trains connecting Ukraine and Austria. Passengers now have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the routes Kyiv – Vienna and Chop – Vienna.

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