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Ukrainian Female Soldiers Receive Tailored Summer Uniforms

For the first time, female soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU) have been issued summer field uniforms tailored to fit women’s anthropometric parameters.

The Ministry of Defense has started delivering the initial batch of 50,000 sets to the military. The new uniforms incorporate design elements to ensure comfort for female soldiers during field assignments and in permanent deployment locations.

Produced in sizes ranging from 40 to 64, accommodating heights from 146 to 188 centimeters, and featuring two fit categories (II and III), the sets were developed by a dedicated unit of the ZSU, in collaboration with civilian organizations and Ukrainian manufacturers. The designs underwent military testing in one of the army units.

In 2024, plans are in place to procure 65,000 sets of female summer field uniforms and 100,000 sets of women’s underwear, further emphasizing the commitment to providing tailored and comfortable attire for female military personnel. This initiative reflects a step toward gender inclusivity and the recognition of the unique needs of women serving in the armed forces.