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Ukrainian Eco-Paper Brand Releaf Paper Got the Young Inventors Prize

Valentyn Fretchka, founder of Releaf Paper, a Ukrainian scientist, has developed a technology for converting fallen leaves into eco-paper and has become a finalist in the Young Inventors Prize competition for the first time. The scientist was chosen from among more than 550 candidates to participate in this year’s competition.

In 2021, Valentyn Fretchka founded Releaf Paper, a company specializing in the production of alternative packaging from fallen leaves. In 2018, Fretchka began creating paper from alternative raw materials. In 2021, Oleksandr Sobolenko and Valentyn Fretchka founded Releaf Paper. The company produces eco-notebooks, eco-bags, eco-boxes, and eco-envelopes.

Releaf Paper receives fallen leaves from city councils and uses the waste for paper recycling. The leaves are crushed and softened under high pressure and steam to obtain cellulose. The company produces one ton of cellulose from 2.3 tons of fallen leaves, offering alternative packaging options. Otherwise, 17 trees would need to be cut down to obtain the same amount of cellulose.

The company’s technology has the potential to significantly reduce deforestation and waste. Releaf Paper’s eco-paper is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper products.

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