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Ukraine – Travelers’ Choice Hotels unveiled

The TripAdvisor portal has published an annual ranking of the best-reviewed hotels in Ukraine – Travelers’ Choice Hotels, – which is based on feedback from tourists from all over the world.




11 mirrors

Top 25 Travelers’ Choice Hotels:

  1. 11 Mirrors Design Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine
  2. Swiss Hotel, Lviv, Ukraine
  3. Senator Apartments Maidan, Kiev, Ukraine
  4. Kharkiv Palace Premier Hotel, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  5. Mar Le Mar Club, Pishchane
  6. Astoria Hotel, Lviv, Ukraine
  7. Villa Elena Hotel & Residences, Yalta
  8. Crimea Breeze Residence, Yalta
  9. Hotel Atlas Deluxe, Lviv, Ukraine
  10. Hilton Kyiv, Ukraine
  11. Park Hotel Porto Mare, Alushta
  12. Hotel Oreanda, Yalta
  13. Alye Parusa Hotel, Feodosia
  14. Wellness SPA Hotel MORE, Alushta
  15. Leopolis Hotel, Lviv, Ukraine
  16. Hyatt Regency Kiev, Ukraine
  17. Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv, Ukraine
  18. Premier Palace Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine
  19. Cosmopolite Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine
  20. ALFAVITO HOTEL, Kiev, Ukraine
  21. Opera Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine
  22. InterContinental Kiev, Ukraine
  23. Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv Podil, Ukraine
  24. Levant Eco Hotel, Yalta
  25. Hotel Bristol Odessa, Ukraine
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