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UIA to Relaunch International Flights

After the reopening of the international air services to Ukraine on June 15, 2020, Ukraine International Airlines will follow the policy of a balanced restart of its flights.

Unfortunately, there is no parity in the opening of borders. Most countries around the world do not confirm the possibility of seamless border crossing for Ukrainian citizens. Furthermore, many countries impose restrictive measures upon arrival at the destination in the form of COVID-19 testing or self-isolation. Under such conditions, only those categories of travelers who have work visas or other documents that provide for the right of permanent residence in the destination countries (residence permit, etc.) can ensure air traffic. To adapt to the new needs of the market of passenger air transport, UIA has closed the sale of tickets for most international destinations until August 1, 2020. This way UIA seeks to prevent unjustified expectations of passengers and the cancellation of flights with very low loads.

In June, we will continue to operate evacuation flights and some of our regular program flights. On 16 and 17 June, we have already operated the first scheduled flights to Amsterdam and Paris.

At the phase of international flights resumption in June, the airline also sees the potential in scheduled domestic and international flights and plans to operate flights on the following routes:

  • 18 June: London (Heathrow) – Kyiv (evacuation flight)
  • 19 June: Kyiv – Kherson, Kyiv – Odesa
  • 20 June: Kyiv – Bangkok
  • 21 June: Bangkok – Kyiv (evacuation flight), Kherson – Kyiv, Odessa – Kyiv, Kyiv – Istanbul – Kyiv
  • 22 June: Kyiv – New York – Kyiv (evacuation flight)
  • 23 June: Kyiv – Amsterdam – Kyiv
  • 24 June: Kyiv – Miami, Kyiv – Paris
  • 25 June: Miami – Kyiv (evacuation flight),
  • 26 June: Kyiv – Istanbul – Kyiv, Kyiv – Athens – Kyiv , Kyiv – Odesa, Kyiv – Lviv, Kyiv – Kherson
  • 28 June: Kyiv – Istanbul – Kyiv, Dubai – Kyiv
  • 29 June: Kyiv – Tel Aviv – Kyiv, Kherson – Kyiv, Odesa – Kyiv, Lviv – Kyiv
  • 30 June: Kyiv – Amsterdam – Kyiv