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UIA Suspends All International Flights

Based on the decision of the Government of Ukraine to temporarily ban foreigners from entering Ukraine so that to counter the spread of Covid-19 in Ukraine, Ukraine International suspends all international scheduled flights from 00:00 am on March 17 through March 31, 2020, that is, by the end of winter navigation.

Since quarantine is introduced by the Government of Ukraine through April 3, 2020, passengers who plan to fly starting from April 1 are advised to keep themselves updated on flight schedule and status changes on www.flyuia.com.

Tuesday, March 17, Ukraine International will operate the following inbound international flights:

  • PS734 Dubai – Kyiv;
  • PS398 Cairo – Kyiv;
  • PS778 Tel Aviv – Kyiv;
  • PS612 Yerevan – Kyiv;
  • PS518 Tbilisi – Kyiv;
  • PS716 Istanbul – Kyiv;
  • PS602 Baku – Kyiv;
  • PS242 Toronto – Kyiv;
  • PS232 New York – Kyiv;
  • PS898 Chisinau – Kyiv;
  • PS272 Bangkok – Kyiv.

Only the citizens of Ukraine and foreigners with permanent or temporary residency permits will be accepted aboard.

Between March 17 and 31, Ukraine International will be operating domestic flights, charter flights to bring Ukrainian tourists back to Ukraine, as well as evacuation and technical flights as may be required.

Passengers of canceled flights will be contacted individually via e-mail and/or SMS and informed of an opportunity to rebook their tickets on flights after March 31 free of charge.