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UIA Carried Two Jaguars to Dubai

On November 21, Ukraine International Airlines transported two jaguars onboard flight PS373 from Kyiv to Dubai.

Unusual passengers departed by UIA flight from Kyiv to Dubai on Wednesday inside the cargo section of Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Two young jaguars were travelling from Ukraine with connection at United Arab Emirates.

Animals were born and raised in the zoo of Mykolaiv. The age of cubs is six months. It is not the first transportation of exotic passengers on the UIA flight. During its history the airline has gained tremendous experience in this field, and its employees are certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

“Transportation of animals is a difficult and responsible process, since pets require constant care, special food, and the correct temperature for transportation,” said UIA Communications Director, Evgenia Satskaya, “We are very pleased that today UIA has reached a level when it can not only provide transportation services, but also to train others. On the basis of the airline, there is a school for learning the IATA rules of transporting live animals, and the classes are conducted by IATA certified staff of the Freight Traffic Directorate”.