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The opening of Oyster Season 2016 in Premier Hotel Aurora

On the 28th of October the Aristocrate Restaurant invites you to open the Oyster season 2016 during the tasting of the French wines.

oystersConstance Bonacieux will meet you and take you to your table. D’Artagnan, the evening presenter, will make you have a lot of fun this evening. As well as the drawing of a lottery and different surprises will make the evening amazing. The wine expert Aleksandr Takovenko will present the tasting of wine set.

The tasting program will present the French wines and the set of three types of oysters: Fines de Claires Marenn-Oleron, White Pearls / Perle Blanche and Speciale Versailles.

Plunge into the epoch of Great France from the works of Alexandre Dumas; feel the atmosphere of the brave and inspired Musketeers. Each guest will discover something new for himself!

Price per person: UAH 290
The program starts at 7 p.m.

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